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We are determined to encapsulate honesty, quality and fun into all of our projects. We come out of the small community of Tasmania so we understand that the reputation of the business will equal success and longevity.


The Tech Wolves

A Tasmanian based business which is breaking the mold of what businesses expect can be done on the web.
We are the business that you need to reach your full online potential!

Thomas Baines Lambert

Co-founder and Project Manager

My name is Thomas Lambert and I am excited to be the Project Manager for Tech Wolves. The direction that this entity is taking is a little different to most other businesses. This is because Micah, Dominic and I are the only three employees of the business and my two partners will not settle for anything other than excellence. This gives me the confidence to deliver a product to our clients which is of the very highest standard.


Dominic Phillip Duke

Co-founder and Full Stack Developer

Hey I’m Dominic, I decided to start this business in my final year of my university studies and haven’t looked back since! I have been coding for about 6 years now and continually push myself to learn as much about new digital technologies as I can. I love taking on new challenges and I push for perfection with everything I create. My skills aren’t just limited to coding, I am into visual design and user experience, which I consider an essential part of the products we create.

Micah Kirk-Williams

Co-founder and Visionary Entrepreneur

G’day, I’m Micah! After completing college, I went straight to University. Now, I’ve recently graduated with Bachelors degree of Information and Communication Technology, where I excelled in a wide range of topics from: Software and Web development to Project management and Entrepreneurship programs. The digital world is expanding day-by-day, resulting in my youth being surrounded with these new fascinating technologies. I like to capitalise on this current fast-paced market, with high interest in technology, economics and marketing. My high-level personal capability and strong identity capital have driven me to be a top performing leader, striving for greatness in everything I do.


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